Tyson Technology Co., Ltd

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Professional semiconductor marketing

Electric installation engineering

Professional relay agents

Oversea marketing

Weak current intelligent building system



Equipment installation engineering



Wholesale in telecommunication and digital photographic equipment



Your satisfaction is the best motive for Tyson’s improvement. In Tyson, we believe to give you professional recommendations, trusting services, high quality of products, and reasonable prices.

Founded in 2008, Tyson Technology is a well-developed advanced electronic component distributor. We not only provide varieties of technical products including many active components and passive components, but are also sales representative for many international surveillance equipment wholesale companies.


With our advanced intelligent building system and ability, Tyson has accomplished several significant government engineering cases. We also have many very professional technical specialists, who all have experienced in such field for more than ten years.  


In Tyson, our goal is not only to produce professional products for you, but we also want to build up a long term relationship with you.